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GraceW bio
Grace W.
“I highly recommend Dr. Evans for your physical therapy needs. He’s always considerate & attentive to my needs & very helpful. Super nice. During therapy he encourages me to go farther when I think I can’t, without overdoing it, I can definitely see the progress I’ve made in my knee in my everyday life. Highly recommend!”
Katie bio
Katie H.
“My experience with Dr. Evans and Evans Physical Therapy was amazing. He was able to help my lower back pain and he acted professionally. He was very knowledgeable during all of our sessions and it has been great for my back pain! I highly recommend him!”
Clarissa bio
Clarissa Z.
“Went to Evans Physical Therapy for back pain and now I am able to workout pain free. I appreciate the professionalism and thoroughness of every visit as well as the attention to detail.”
Avi bio
Avi B.
“Anthony was absolutely fantastic. Took the time to talk to me about my problem and explain all that was going on and the options. I feel so much better after just a few visits. He is also absolutely charming. I highly recommend Anthony for all your injury and athletic performance needs!”
Willr Bio
Will R.
“I contacted Dr. Anthony with the intention of evaluating the cause of my hip pain during squats. He was extremely thorough with the procedures we went through not only providing the “why” behind each movement performed but also taught me a warm up routine which consisted of 7 different stretches tailored to my body. I recommend Evans Physical Therapy for any athlete in the 704 area as well as anyone looking for physical therapy services. I look forward to working with him in the future.”
Geo bio
“I had some chronic problems with my shoulder from prior injuries and weightlifting. Anthony had me in for several sessions of therapy and greatly decreased my pain and improved my range of motion. I would highly recommend him to anyone for treatment. He is good people!”
thomasT Bio
Thomas T.
“Anthony takes his time and makes sure to find the exact problem instead of just treating you for random “symptoms”. He has done a great deal of work on my shoulders & triceps. Most recently my lower back. Thanks to him i’m back to training without any pain! I recommend him 100% to anyone for preventative care and if you’re injured!”
Joseph bio
Joseph H.
“Over the last two years, Dr. Evans has written and helped me implement two separate strength & conditioning programs into my workout routine. During those programs, Dr. Evans was in constant contact with me, consistently checking in with me to track my progress, and making adjustments when I wasn’t able to hit my goals in the gym. Having careers in both military & law enforcement, I have found it difficult in recent years to find a consistent strength & conditioning program to stick with until I began to work with Dr. Evans. Not only was I impressed with my physical strength/conditioning after both programs, Dr. Evans also assisted me with working around a previous labrum injury that had given me difficulty in my everyday life. Dr. Evans has impressed me both professionally, as well as personally with the great work he does. I would recommend Dr. Evans to anyone seeking anything sports performance/medicine-related. I will continue to have Dr. Evans write my strength & conditioning programs moving forward, as well as him being my first point of contact with any future physical injuries.”
RustyF bio
Rusty F.
“I chose Anthony because of all the reviews I’ve read and the knowledge he shares on social media. I hurt my lower back powerlifitng and since he’s also a strength athlete, I felt a lot more comfortable working with him. He helped my lower back tremendously. I can now workout again and not have random sciatica pains throughout the day! He’s cares very much for your progress and health. Check him out!”
ZacharyD Bio
Zachary D.
“I had pain in my shoulder area for over a year and it put me out of competing, Affected my sleep, and I could hardly workout any upper body. Within that year I visited numerous physicians and they could not come up with a solution. After one visit with dr.Evans my shoulder felt better and I was back in the gym,I’m still amazed. He was very helpful and thorough in not only treating the injury but assessing how it could have been caused and offered some PT excersices I can do in my free time. I would recommend him to any athletes as he is an athlete himself and understands the importance of being healthy and in the gym.”
Tanner bio
Tanner H.
“When I first came to see Anthony I had been dealing with an unknown hip problem that radiated pain around my glute and into the hamstring similar to a sciatic nerve problem. I was admittedly skeptical of what we’d be able to accomplish in six weeks as I had been seeing a chiropractor and talking to a few other specialists for a few months as to what the cause of the hip pain I was having might be a result of. Upon the initial evaluation we talked about how some of the restrictions I had might be causing the pain as well as him mentioning other issues I hadn’t noticed or taken into account. Specifically talking numbers my internal rotation was one of the major concerns he identified as it was about half of what was considered normal. 4 weeks in we had almost completely corrected this and gotten within a few degrees of normal range. Granted this wasn’t the only problem I had going in but it speaks volumes to his skill at what he does. Anthony isn’t one to simply perform manual therapy and send you on your way, he actually provides you with different exercises you can add in to your workouts to better improve the balance between muscles as well as open the joint back up to allow for pain free ROM. I’m still continuing to do a majority of the exercises he recommended in my workouts now in order to continue improving on my weak areas and prevent repeats of what caused the issue. I’ll definitely return in the future if any other issues pop up.”
MonicaL bio
Monica L.
“Anthony has been SO incredibly helpful for me & I do not know what I would do without having such an amazing Dr./Physical Therapist/ & resource! I initially contacted him regarding some right knee pain, which he was immediately able to help me identify the issue & help me address it. I have already seen huge improvements & my pain is already so much less. He is extremely thorough & truly takes his time with each of his patients! He answers all of my many questions & is truly a WONDERFUL resource! I highly highly recommend Anthony to anyone seeking a Physical Therapist.”
JohnJ bio
John J.
“Anthony is very thorough and takes his time trying to identify issues. The solutions he offers are long term with lasting results. My knees have been feeling great for months now. I highly recommend Anthony, but remember lasting long term results take time and effort on your part, so follow his advice, it’s sound.”
CandaceL Bio
Candace L.
“I am a powerlifter and bodybuilder that went to Evans PT because of a pulling front hip sensation, that began hurting when i hit 245 5×5 in my PL training. I had tried just trying to squat 185, and it was causing me issues. He has provided manual therapy and corrective exercises and ever since I’ve hit 315×5 without having any issues. He has also provided therapy for a lagging scapula that has allowed a tremendous jump in my bench!”
Harrison L.
“My visit at Evans PT was extraordinary! Drove 3 hours from where I live and it was very much worth it. I injured myself powerlifting and Dr. Evans got to the root causes and just within the visit and car ride home I could tell a noticeable difference. I HIGHLY recommend his services. Professional, intelligent, and reasonable.”
Marcus bio
Marcus L.
“My personal experience with Dr.Evans at Evans Physical Therapy was outstanding. As an athlete i’ve experienced a number of soft tissue injuries. Dr.Evans noticed certain deficiencies through assessments without me mentioning specifically what has been bothering me. He has given me excercises to do between sessions to help strengthen weaker muscle groups which will in turn minimize injury . I began with the exercises the next day an noticed progress within a week and a half .Very much looking forward to working with Dr.Evans in the near future.”
ChrisM bio
Chris M.
“Anthony was very thorough and helped get rid of low back issues before my powerlifting competition helping to perform at my best. Very friendly and professional and has sent personalized stretches to continue to help.”
ashiaK Bio
Ashia K.
“Left my first session with Anthony with way more information than I’d expected to leave with. Very knowledgeable, treatment was great, got advice on how I can be more proactive with keeping the injuries away, and I’m now lifting pain free again. Highly recommend!”
Anthony bio
Anthony H.
“Anthony is very helpful as a physical therapist because so far every time I visit he’s been great at recognizing/diagnosing a problem and also has cut healing times down for me tremendously, along with pointing me in the right direction to stay injury free and rehabilitate correctly.”
Holly bio
Holly H.
“Anthony was amazing at working around my schedule and making sure I got the absolute best care. He took care of my back pain and explained the process of every step. Thank you so much for helping me!!”
Shane bio
Shane L.
“My visit with Dr Evans was great! Dr Evans was extremly knowledgeable, I expresses my issues, and Dr Evans knew exactly what was needed to improve not only the quility of my lifting, but everyday activity, I will be visiting again with Dr Evans, I highly recommend him.”
Steven bio
Steven S.
“Anthony is very knowledgeable in what he does and has you feeling amazing walking out of his office. I can’t thank him enough. He’s been treating my leg problem I’ve had for years and I’m enjoying leg workouts again. Thanks Anthony!”
Enrique bio
Enrique F.
“Best physical therapist out there. Had been suffering from a shoulder and knee injury for a while, and Anthony was able to make everything work the way it should. Now i can train and work painfree.”
Mike F.
“Very professional and personable. Also great facilities Would recommend 10/10.”
Carol bio
Carol G.
“Dr. Evans takes the time to fully understand your issues/concerns. I’m already showing improvement with mobility (shoulder issue) after only two sessions.”

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