5 Tips For Knee Pain

5 Tips For Knee Pain

August 3, 2017

Trying to get back into shape? Have you been walking, jogging, playing basketball, etc but nagging knee pain seems to be standing in your way and negatively impacting the things you love to do? Take a look at the 5 tips below to help decrease your knee pain.

  1. STUCK IN THE MIDDLE – Knee pain can be confusing. The knee happens to be stuck in the middle between the hips from above and the ankle from below. If there is weakness or movement restriction in either of these two joints then it is often in the knee where pain is felt. It is important to engage in a program that focuses on hip/ankle strengthening as well as maintaining proper flexibility within these joints.
  2. SHOES – It is important that the type of shoe you wear matches the activity you are attempting to participate in. Buying the newest and highest rated pair of basketball shoes may help you on the hardwood but are not suited for long distance running. The wrong shoe or a shoe that is worn down may increase your chance of injury or knee pain.
  3. 10% RULE – If starting a new walking or running program it is important to be patient. Studies have shown that increasing your total weekly mileage by greater than 10% significantly increases your chance of sustaining an injury and having knee pain.
  4. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY – So you strong as an ox from head to toe and you have met the mobility requirements for your desired activity. Great! Now you must make sure that you are performing the movement correctly. Gait analysis can help to find faults in your running technique that may leading to knee pain. Critique of your squat form may lead to adjustments that place less stress through the knee joint. Bottom line is that you make sure you are building good habits and consistently assess your movement. At Evans Physical Therapy & Sport Performance, LLC we break down your movement pattern and make sure you are safe to perform your activity.
  5. CORE STRENGTH – Functional core strength is vital to a pain free body. With a weak or fatigued core you are more susceptible to faulty technique which can lead to knee pain.

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