5 tips to help prevent low back pain

5 tips to help prevent low back pain

August 4, 2017

1. Strengthen your core

Your core muscles play a very important role in supporting your spine. Many of the core muscles attach to the spine and therefore have a large influence on its health. Not to mention virtually any activity we perform such as walking, getting out of bed, opening a door, etc all require the use of your core musculature. By keeping a strong core you are providing more support to the spine and are less likely to experience low back pain

2. Hamstring Stretches

Your hamstrings are comprised of 3 different muscles each of which attach onto your pelvis. When your hamstrings become tight they can pull on the pelvis which indirectly causes an increase in pressure throughout your lumbar spine (low back)

3. Posture

It is very common today to see individuals who sit with very rounded spines and heads that are pushed forward. When the natural curve of your spine (excessive arching in low back or excessive rounding in low back) is changed it places excess stress somewhere down the chain. That somewhere is usually the lumbar spine. It is important make sure that you have a chair that provides support for the entire back and to take 5-10 min walk breaks every hour. It is sometimes helpful to have a friend or spouse take a picture of you while sitting or standing so that you can see what your typical posture looks like.

4. Your body is a temple

Rarely in the clinic do I see someones source of pain come from the actual site of pain. The lumbar spine is in a very critical position in the body. It is influenced from the feet/ankles/knee/hips from below and the thoracic spine/cervical spine/shoulder from above. Taking good care of the rest of your body can help to prevent low back pain.

5. Be aware

Be aware of how you move. What technique do you use when picking up your child or when you throw a ball? Many times it is incorrect form in day to day activities or demands within our sport that cause low back pain.

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