Evans Physical Therapy & Sport Performance Testimonials

Susan Frye

Having experienced great discomfort and pain in my neck and hip for a long time, I tried different methods for relief, but to no avail. Then a dear friend of mine told me that she found information about a physical therapist in Monroe, NC who could help individuals relieve their pain. She visited him (Dr. Anthony Evans who studied at Duke University) and after one visit was very pleased with the results. That same day I called and met with Dr. Evans to find relief for my neck and much to my surprise left feeling so much better! Dr. Evans is gentle, kind, and knowledgeable. Each session along with video exercises has changed my life – no more neck or hip pain! Should you have physical discomforts, I highly recommend Dr Evans at Evans Physical Therapy and Sports Performance 

Charlotte Cooke

I had been diagnosed with significant arthritis in my neck and upper back. My doctor recommended physical therapy to help with my pain and limited mobility. Evans PT was close to my home and I was able to get an appointment within a few days. Dr Evans went over my long history of pain and restricted movement before starting a plan of treatment with me. I slowly started to strengthen my muscles and regain mobility and stamina not only in my neck but my whole upper body. He also incorporated gentle massage and the knowledge of how the muscles all work together to sustain a body in motion. I would definitely recommend Evans Physical Therapy to anyone that needs PT. Dr Evans is very pleasant, knowledgeable and easy to work with! 

Brenda McDonald

HIGHLY RECOMMEND I replied to the FB ad because my left shoulder had been diagnosed as arthritis, and PT was recommended. They were very professional, asked about my issue and worked within my working schedule when setting appointments. Dr. Evans supervises each appointments and listens as I give feedback. I am feeling better even though it has only been a few weeks & the weather has been terrible for arthritis. 

Chris Grimm

Had knee replacement surgery. Needed PT after surgery. I chose Evans Physical Therapy. I am so glad I did. Dr Evans worked with me one on one. The appointments were hard but very beneficial. I am thru with PT, still working on my own. Dr Evans made sure to let me know, he was there if needed. Having my other knee done in the future. No other place I will go but Evans Physical Therapy! Thx again Dr Evans!! 

Rhonda Blankenship

I have consulted with Dr. Evans on several occasions about some injuries I have had including sciatica nerve pain and physical therapy for a broken tibia and fibula recovery. He is very professional, knowledgeable, and very courteous. He has always provided me with the necessary exercises for each of my injuries. His assessment of what I was going through and what I needed to do helped me recover quickly. I would highly recommend Dr. Evans for any physical therapy anyone may need. 

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Tanner Barrett

Anthony and Brittany are the best PT’s. I’ve been to several PT’s in my life and I really mean it when I say they take care of you and know their stuff better than most. They work with you the whole session and don’t pawn you off on aids like most do. 

Brent Blume

Dr. Evans is great! I’ve had shoulder problems for 20 years and thought it was a structural issue. After 4 weeks, the pain 98% gone and getting better every week. Best decision I’ve made. Thanks Dr. Evans!